The Miami Chamber Players, founded and directed by Adolfo Vidal is an ensemble of South Florida-based professional musicians who get together to play the world's best chamber music in intimate spaces. The core group of musicians includes award-winning rotating professional fellows who collaborate to create beautiful chamber music together. The roster varies in musicians and size for concerts, contracts, and touring. 

The Chamber Players' repertoire includes a wide range of music from the renaissance and baroque periods, using instruments and costumes of the time (available for contracts only). The repertoire also includes great masterpieces of the 18th and 19th century to some of the most exciting chamber music works of the 20th and 21st century. The originality of the group is vast, creating series of concerts such as 'The Brahms Project', which ventures to perform all the chamber and choral music written by the German composer Johannes Brahms, and the 'Piano Concerti Series', including arrangements for string quartet. Our goal is to promote live chamber music and to provide performance opportunities for area musicians. 

Opus Praise, is a band of classical-trained musicians who perform the standard praising and worship music twisted with the best sacred music works. The band features the acoustic piano as main instrument accompanying two lead singers (a lyric soprano & a pop singer), keyboard, acoustic instruments (varies) and a rock band. The original arrangements create a fusion of classical music and pop, giving them a semi-classical pop sort of feel, with the mission of elevating this music to the concert hall setting.

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